Take a Hawaii Helicopter Tour

Hawaii Trip

A Hawaii helicopter tour is one of the most unforgettable experiences you'll have on your trip to Hawaii. An hour or two spent above some of the planet's most captivating landscape sears itself into your memory for years to come. A Hawaii helicopter tour is both safe and stupendous! Some of the sights you'll encounter aloft on your Hawaii helicopter tour include of course Hawaii's spectacular volcanoes, Haleakala, Kilauea and the Pu'u O'o Vent. If you're lucky you'll see lava flows! Other great...

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Hawaii Resorts

There are more resorts in Hawaii than you can count, all sizes and all kinds offering everything and anything. However, the one Hawaii resort that stands out is the Fairmont Orchid. This beautiful 32-acre resort is the top of the line in luxury. You will find that it holds the feel of Hawaii as soon as you enter its doors. This theme is inside as well as out, but is most pronounced in the outside pool, where you will find a cascading waterfall and breathtaking oceanfront cabanas. If there is a p...

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Places to Stay in Your RV in Hawaii

Nearly every state in the Union is RV friendly, and then there is Hawaii. Finding RV facilities takes a bit of creativity and effort, so we’ve done the footwork for you. Hawaii may seem like the ideal place to live. Beautiful beaches, perfect temperature and breathtaking natural scenery all grace these islands. There are also major cities, and many different farming and industries located here. But what happens if you live in Hawaii and want to take a vacation? You can't easily find your way to...

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