The Island of Lānaʻi: At Last, a Place of Infinite Rewards

The experience of Lānaʻi begins before you land. From air or sea, you can see the sheer cliffs of western Lānaʻi loom high above Kaumālapaʻu Harbor like purple-green ramparts rising from the sea. Across the channels, the islands of Kahoʻolawe, Molokaʻi and Maui – with Mount Haleakalā's crest visible above a lei of clouds – extend their welcome to Hawaiʻi's most enticing island.

You will land on an airstrip in the middle of the Pālāwai Basin, a large crater in the heart of Lānaʻi. There are no jet ways or tunnels at Lānaʻi Airport, just a vast openness of warm, sweet air and a peace that immediately envelopes you. By the time you step off the ramp and your first footsteps fall on Lānaʻi, you will feel stress and urgency slipping away with the life you've left willingly behind.

Here, at last, is a place quiet enough to peruse that novel you've wanted to read for years. Here, at last, is a well-earned reward for your hard work in the front lines of achievement and competition: a place of pampering and excellence, where the service recognizes your personal uniqueness and the physical surroundings are a doorway to new realms of beauty.

The shuttle to the Four Seasons Resort Lānaʻi, The Lodge at Kōʻele – 1,700 feet high in the central highlands – winds through Lānaʻi City, the island's sole populated town, its small town square surrounded by colorful plantation homes. Prim yards are ablaze with flowers. Lovingly tended fruit trees droop with the weight of papayas and lemons. The street signs are friendly too, built at eye level, and the Cook pines are old and tall, lending shade and coolness to the air.

There are no traffic lights or beeping horns, just the quiet, intimate rhythms of unhurried exploration. Drivers wave to nearly every vehicle that passes. Past Lānaʻi City, horses graze in golden pastures behind split rail fences. At the Four Seasons Resort Lānaʻi, The Lodge at Kōʻele, the Cook pines look like majestic sentinels watching over manicured English gardens. In the cool mountain air, with views in every direction, luxurious accommodations and world-renowned service, you have arrived in a special paradise.

Guests arriving at the Four Seasons Resort Lānaʻi at Mānele Bay travel through the Pālāwai Basin, a crater once covered with pineapple plants and today a vast open field flanked on one side by Lānaʻihale, the highest point on the island, and on the other by the sea cliffs of south Lānaʻi. The drive through the arid landscape ends at sea level, where the Four Seasons Resort Lānaʻi at Mānele Bay emerges like an oasis. The most beautiful beach on the island, Hulopoʻe, greets you with warm air and a wide white sand beach between two lava outcroppings. Look seaward for spinner dolphins, which love Hulopoʻe as much as you will. Relax at the beach or pool with your long-awaited novel, hearing this silent refrain: At last, Lānaʻi.

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Lana'i Visitors Bureau Press Release

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